Teaching that Student’s Love, We teach students in such a understable way from which students can easily grasp their concepts and we always try to apply the funniest and easiest methodology for the students. We Shalom Mission School primarily aim to provide a strong academics along with sports and co-curriculum activities. Our Faculty always try to raise the students who are in need instead of the students who are Toppers. We always try to find student’s potential and work on it. We give them regular guidance and Counselling for their future goals. We also motivate students of Lower grades to make their future goals and start working on it.


A team of well experienced and men of letters:-
We believe in providing quality education, all round development of students, building their character and paving the path for the students towards achieving their goal. we provide an atmosphere of learning and teaching. Our main motive is to purify the heart and soul of students and make them well cultured and civilised. we are dedicated to fill the heart and mind of the students of with the message of almighty God and show them the path of humaniy, compassion and sacrifice. Each member of our academic and non- academic team is really well experienced and well versed in thier field. They all are well cultured and devoted towards thier duties and also they are the men of God.


While Sitting in the classroom we often feel the classes boring whether it is a class of Good lecturer or Boring Lecturer. So In order to maintain our mood, we have designed a spacious classroom for the students to maintain the flexibility of their body and to interact with their classmates. As our school is based between the green fields, so we have provided a window in every classroom to watch the green trees and plants and take a good vibe. 

Computer Lab

The Shalom Mission School is well equipped with computer lab.
The strength of more than 20 computer provides our students to explore the things in a better manner .
Our lab gives students a high speed wifi connectivity . Technology plays a very vital role in these days and considering this our computer labs provides a wide scope to our students.
Our computer labs are typically provided by libraries to the students by academic institutions to students who attend the school.
Physics Lab

Science Labs

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