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Ajeet Kumar singh

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A Message from our Principal

Dear parents and students,
In the fast changing world, we have set a target not only to impart knowledge to the students , but also to impart in them- a true human spirit, wisdom, compassion and supreme devotion towards the almighty God.
Our first and foremost aim is to help the students in learning the art of living, provide an atmosphere of learning by doing, give them an outstanding atmosphere of scholastic and co-scholastic activities. We try our best to develop and nurture the different facets of a child. In this era of cut throat competition it is essential to impart integrated education to the children which are our hope for successfully combating all the challenges of this innovative world. We are devoted to spread the message of SHALOM in the ignited mind of the children. We are committed towards the all -round development of each child, we teach students to play with difficulties and finally prove themselves they are more difficult than difficulties. We try to make them creative, imaginative and a good follower of God who is the symbol of love, mercy and grace.
We are committed to serve the humanity, our supreme duty is to change the picture the future generation through knowledge, culture and through the teachings of the God.

Ajeet Kumar Singh
Shalom Mission School