Sports & Co-curricular

Sports is an important part of life, for physical and mental growth of children, we need a school where children develop physically and mentally and where Shalom Mission school is the best place to fulfill this criteria.

Omkar Kumar Singh

PT & Sports Teacher

Track Game

A track is an activity in athletics that requires athletes to run or run around a track. The most popular track sport is the running race. There are several running races, each with a different track length.
Long distance events are held at the Olympic and World Athletics Championships. They are 3000 meters, 5000 meters and 10000 meters races. Although similar to a marathon, long-distance pursuit events are held on a track as opposed to a marathon’s road course. Distance pursuit races are similar to middle distance races in that they require more endurance from the athlete. However, they need to pay more attention to their race pace and tactics.

Field Game

Events which occur in the field. They include events such as javelin, shot put, discus, hammer and jumps such as long jump, high jump and pole vault. Athletics have a long and rich tradition and are some of the oldest sporting events recorded in human history. In 776 BC, in the first Olympic Games in ancient Greece, there was only one sport – wrestling. Gradually, the games expanded to include javelin, long jump, etc. By 200 BC, these athletic competitions were so popular, 4 separate festivals were held with participants from neighboring countries and cities, such as Rome (the Panhellenic Games).

Co-curricular Activities

Under Co-curricular activities children are being taught beyond the classroom and gain a practical experience through doing such activities. Being a part of extra Co-curricular activities one can gain their clarification and theoretical understanding at a higher level. Through this a children can be fulfilled spiritually, morally, physically as well they can attain a great level of confidence in them and also provided with exposures to new activities.