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We Provide You Safe  Hostel Facility For Your Child or Children For  Better Education . 

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Our School Has Top And Certified Teachers for your Child or Children .

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We Provide You Online Registration During Lock down Because of this Pandemic Situation Covid – 19 Corona Virus and Provide you contact less registration for your Child or Children. You can Do online registration by Filling up the form which is given Below.
And We also provide you online fee submission for your child or children and you can pay the fees through debit,credit card, UPI and Qr Code. means cashless and contactless Payment.

The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out..”

Proverbs 18:15

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shalom mission school


Shalom mission school is running under an excellent guidence of a mission team, People from our country and as well as abroad helping our school by providing support. Our school is proude of its dedicated mission team, which is determined to bring positive change to our society,

Fonder and director of our mission

Moni prasad and Claire Ramsaroop

lives in Houston, Texas

He is really an inspirational person filled with real humanity and love and care for each human being, he established this school. There is a great love and emotion in his heart for children and poor persons. He paved a very smooth way towards a golden future of our school. He oftenly visits our school and support our school family . May almighty God bless him and help him to fulfill his entire dreams, may sun always shine on him and give him a glorious life.

A twinkling star in the world of peace, sacrifice and generosity, a source of inspiration for us

Sat Debie

Lives in Claxton Bay,Caroni,Trinidad And Tobago

His personality and attitude is beyond praise. He is really a true human filled with all the characteristics of God, a great donor, a great social worker, a real social worker and a real hero who is devoted to serve the humanity. There is a great pity in his heart. No one can and with no words explain his genorousity, his merits and his works for the betterment of children,poor and needy. May God bless him and give him a long life filled with peace and fulfill his all ambition.




He is a wonderful man,very loving person, he visited our mission school situated at Nawada. His inspiration and his prayer is very crucial for our school family.


Chris Hernandez

From -USA

He is really a youth icon filled with a great enthusiasm and a dedication to serve humanity. He is a dedicated person who is devoted to serve the humanity and also want to uplift the downtrodden community and also want to educate children who are unfortunate. There is a great love and a sence of sacrifice in his heart. He is really such a person whom the omnipresent God sent to serve their children. We are really thankful to him for his support. May God bless him and fulfill his all desire.


Dear parents and students,

In the fast changing world, we have set a target not only to impart knowledge to the students , but also to impart in them- a true human spirit, wisdom, compassion and supreme devotion towards the almighty God.

Our first and foremost aim is to help the students in learning the art of living, provide an atmosphere of learning by doing, give them an outstanding atmosphere of scholastic and co-scholastic activities.
We try our best to develop and nurture the different facets of a child. In this era of cut throat competition it is essential to impart integrated education to the children which are our hope for successfully combating all the challenges of this innovative world. We are devoted to spread the message of SHALOM in the ignited mind of the children. We are committed towards the all -round development of each child, we teach students to play with difficulties and finally prove themselves they are more difficult than difficulties. We try to make them creative, imaginative and a good follower of God who is the symbol of love, mercy and grace.
We are committed to serve the humanity, our supreme duty is to change the picture the future generation through knowledge, culture and through the teachings of the God.
Thanking you
Shalom Family

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We Provide you the best security Services to your child or children.

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We Provide you best and free reliable and Trust worthy Wifi With Fast Speed.

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We Provide You Best Features for your Child or children You Can Check it out All The features of Shalom Mission School Below By Clicking On The Button. Education is Most Important Thing In The world. So How to Choose right School and confirm what are the services they provide, It is very necessary for your child or children. That’s Why We have Shown You What are The Services We Provide to you.

Shalom Mission School faculties

A team of well experienced and men of letters

We believe in providing quality education, all round development of students, building their character and paving the path for the students towards achieving their goal. we provide an atmosphere of learning and teaching. 

Our main motive is to purify the heart and soul of students and make them well cultured and civilised. we are dedicated to fill the heart and mind of the students of with the message of almighty God and show them the path of  humaniy, compassion and sacrifice.  Each member of our academic and non- academic team is really well experienced and well versed in thier field. They all are well cultured and devoted towards thier duties and also they are the men of God.

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